Our Software Engineer Jaafar and VP Community Melissa may disagree on whether Battlefield or Call of Duty is the best FPS, but both have a thing or two to say about lag.

Taking Gaming to the Edge

Gaming is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. On a global scale, the gaming industry was valued at $162.32 billion in 2020, and this figure continues to grow year on year. From…

Artwork by Aga Oakes

Illustration by Kevin Heslin

Measuring Data Center Efficiencies

Traditional data centres are made up of static, dedicated infrastructure, while modern data centres leverage infrastructure from public cloud providers dynamically. …

Illustration by Matt Rota

Our investigation into the present

The carbon footprint created by our online communications remains a major piece of the sustainability puzzle for individuals, organisations, and the industry at large.

A classic Clubhouse ticket.

Understanding solutions for external DNS resolution in Kubernetes and introducing our k8s_gateway plugin with Michael Kashin, Principal Engineer.

George Billson’s approach to implementing and refining a new process at Ori.

How can we set the foundation for high performing and psychologically safe product development teams?

A foundation begins with the expectation of what is being built upon it — at Ori, we expect to build, maintain and continually improve high performing product development teams. We’re doing this by building out from a foundation of core product development principles, including pillars of empowered autonomy, transparency and psychological safety.

Team health checks — What are they, and what do they aim to tell us?

An essential part of embedding these principles is measuring ourselves against them honestly, and taking necessary action to ensure we’re providing the right environment for teams to achieve high performance in a happy, sustainable way.

The Edgehogs

We’re building the future of cloud infrastructure @ Ori Industries.

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